• Are you tired of being everything to everybody?

  • Do you feel depleted and drained because you constantly put YOUR needs on the back burner?

  • Does your self-doubt or lack of confidence keep you from showing up for yourself and the people you want to serve?

  • Is it time to break free from the generational curse of never asking for help? 



Join us for a powerful and energizing evening of art, conversation & transformation!


Saturday, December 10, 2016 

5:30pm - 9:30pm

Consolidated Realty Plaza

3725 Don Felipe Dr | Los Angeles | CA | 90008

Now is the time for Exquisite Self-Care!! 

During This Event You Will:

  •  Remove your SuperWoman Cape (and, come on, you KNOW it's RAGGEDY!)

  • Learn to love on yourself without guilt 

  • Gain tools to get More Balance, More Time, and More Money!

Let's Turn the SuperWoman Myth on its Head!!

Goddess in the Gallery is for you if you:

KNOW that you are called to something greater...

SENSE that your Earthly purpose is bigger than you...

FEEL the pull, but you are unsure about the next best step...

Come Unleash Your Unstoppable Life!

Discover The Black Goddess Within...

Join us on Saturday, December 10, 2016

$39 Includes: 

  • Gallery Entrance 
  • Black Goddess Within Workshop 
  • Hors-d-oeurves
  • Community Ritual 
  • Celebration and 
  • VIP Gift Bags for the first 50 Registrants

(Due to the nature of the discussion, this is an Adult-Only Event)

After participating in Dr. G's retreat, I began to approach challenges with a different energy... it helped me to shift my focus from my outer surroundings towards how to care for my inward well being first. I was also welcomed into a community of extremely supportive women!

-- Tanee O. meets Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice

There really isn’t a second to waste!!

Black Women are being called to step fully and boldly into our purpose -- 

Without Hesitation and Without Apology.

It's Time To Stop:

  • Denying who you are
  • Playing small
  • Fading into the background to make others feel good about themselves
  • Being afraid to rock the boat
  • Being a good girl
  • Playing by rules that weren’t created for your success

It's Time To Claim:

  • Unfettered access to your Insights and Intuition

  • A deep understanding of your innate healing capacities

  • The knowledge of how to wield your Goddess attributes to your greatest good

  • Supreme clarity around your divine purpose

Working with Dr. G has given me an awareness of the importance of Self-Care and its effect on my life and everyone else in my life. Following a committed Self-Care routine has given me a sense of groundedness and confidence. I'm rooted in Self-Love!

--Diana W. meets Asase Ya, Earth Mother Goddess of the Ashanti

Who should attend Goddess in the Gallery?

  •  Black Women and those who love them!
  • Artivists - those who use art for Social Change
  • Social Justice Advocates
  • Those who love to be community 
  • Yes, Men are welcome!

#SisterGirlfriendMastermindGamechanger Dr.G has the ability to make change workable. She has the gift to help other realize their gifts and how to make them work in a world were there is so much to give! She is going to make it possible for healers to heal, writers to write, singers to sing, dancers to dance...She has the magic wand. Or, should I just say she has a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE AND KNOWS HOW TO USE IT!

--Kim G meets Oya, the Yoruban Goddess with dominion over words

The Team!

DR GIAVANNI WASHINGTON is an intuitive percussive healer with a special knack for recognizing the best version of you. She not only fervently believes you can reach the next level, she stands at the threshold gently supporting your migration from one plane to the next...with Ease, Delight, and Grace!! 

Through her coaching and healing programs, Dr. G helps her clients Double, Triple, and 10X their income and client load...while enjoying their lives more!

Giavanni Washington, PhD


ERICA MARKS-BAKER Being a portrait and fashion photographer is who I am and what I do. I capture that special enduring image of my subjects when I photograph them. Having such a creative background in design and especially fashion, I can create an image through the lens that is intriguing. 

In my fashion portraiture I love telling a story within the image, even if it’s just through the subjects eyes. 

Erica Marks-Baker



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