Order the first ever Black Goddess Within Oracle Card Deck !!

Ready to be emboldened and guided by the Goddesses of Africa? 

Introducing the...

Black Goddess Within


The exquisitely designed 13-Card Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck brings the wisdom and knowledge of the African Goddesses right into your hands... Wherever you are in the world.

The Black Goddess Within Oracle Card Deck was created as a campaign to help Black Creative Goddesses everywhere get their creative gifts out into the world. 

(Limited Quantity Available!)

7 Goddess Cards

6 Concept Cards

The Black Goddess Within Oracle deck is insipred by the Goddesses, Cultures and Landscapes from all over Africa.

It was created to reinfuse the Divine Feminine Power of our traditions and heritage into contemporary living! 

Wisdom from the Goddesses of Africa will keep you centered, balanced and focused!

Product specifications:

  • 13 Black Goddess Within oracle cards in each box
  • Cards: 3.5″ x 5″
  • Features Goddesses, Cultures, and Landscapes from all over Africa
  • Printed in America!

Giavanni Washington, PhD

Creator, Author, Facilitator

The Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck is a Limited Edition Run.

Purchase Yours Now! 

These inspirational cards make great gifts all year long!

Bestow the gift of clarity and transformation on the Goddesses in your life! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this deck like other Goddess Oracle Decks?

The Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck is sourced with Inspirations from the Divine, Sacred, and Wonders of Africa. Co-created with real women who Met the Goddess, this deck is like no other on the planet.

2. How do I use this deck? 

As a portal to connecting with Spirit, you can use this deck for inspiration, guidance, or new perspectives. Focus on the situation about which you seek divine advice, pull the card that you feel attracted to, then consider how the words and image of the selected cared resonate with you.

3. Who should use this deck? 

The Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck is for those who: seek their own inner divine; can benefit from gentle urges about returning to or maintaining their Self-Care practice; and desire Ancient Wisdom for modern life.

4. When will I get my deck? 

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery. International orders may take additional time.


DR GIAVANNI WASHINGTON is an intuitive percussive healer with a special knack for recognizing the best version of you. She not only fervently believes you can reach the next level, she stands at the threshold gently supporting your migration from one plane to the next...with Ease, Delight, and Grace!! 

Through her coaching and healing programs, Dr. G helps her clients Double, Triple, and 10X their income and client load...while enjoying their lives more!

Giavanni Washington, PhD


ERICA MARKS-BAKER Being a portrait and fashion photographer is who I am and what I do. I capture that special enduring image of my subjects when I photograph them. Having such a creative background in design and especially fashion, I can create an image through the lens that is intriguing. 

In my fashion portraiture I love telling a story within the image, even if it’s just through the subjects eyes. 

Erica Marks-Baker


LILLIANA CASTRO is a Salvadoran-born designer based in Los Angeles. She is founder of ARCHEFFECT – an architecture and graphic design studio she launched after receiving her B.Arch from SCI-arc in 2008. Lilliana creates designs with a primary focus on identity, examining the concepts of place, culture and empowerment. Her work has helped businesses identify and nurture their core values, increasing their internal confidence to position their brand. She is a woman, feminist, lesbian and an immigrant. 

Lilliana Castro